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HackBU 2022 is Binghamton University’s 9th annual student-run hackathon. This year’s virtual hackathon will be hosted from February 5th-6th, over on our Discord server.

HackBU 2022 Hackathon

What can you build in 24 hours?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackBU?
HackBU is a student-run organization at Binghamton University. We aim to create a community where students can explore technology outside the classroom. We mentor students, hold weekly workshops, and, most importantly, share our interest in programming and problem-solving.

What happens at a hackathon?
At a hackathon, "hackers" form teams with the intention of creating the best type of program (e.g. web app, iPhone app) or hardware hack within a certain period of time.

Who can attend?
This event is open to all students 18 and older. You don't need to be a computer science major or even a Binghamton University student to participate!

How much does it cost?
HackBU is a free event! This means that all you'll need is a computer to work on, an internet connection, and an idea! In fact, we'll be giving you free swag at the end of the hackathon for participating!

Do I need a team or idea to sign up?
No! We recommend registering with friends, but there will be opportunities to brainstorm with and meet other participants at the hackathon.

What if I'm a newbie?
This is going to be our most beginner-friendly event yet. We are going to have workshops both before and during the hackathon in order to get you in a position to be able to work on a project. We are hoping for any student of any major to be able to participate in our hackathon.

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