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HackBU 2024 is Binghamton University's 11th annual student-run hackathon. This year’s hackathon will be hosted from February 17th-18th, in person at Binghamton University's Innovative Technologies Complex.

HackBU 2024 Hackathon

What can you build in 24 hours?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackBU?
HackBU is a student-run organization at Binghamton University. We aim to create a community where students can explore technology outside the classroom. We mentor students, hold weekly workshops, and, most importantly, share our interest in programming and problem-solving.

What happens at a hackathon?
At a hackathon, "hackers" form teams with the intention of creating the best type of program (e.g. web app, iPhone app) or hardware hack within a certain period of time.

Who can attend?
This event is open to all students 18 and older. You don't need to be a computer science major or even a Binghamton University student to participate!

How much does it cost?
HackBU is a free event! This means that all you'll need is a computer to work on, an internet connection, and an idea! In fact, we'll be giving you free swag at the end of the hackathon for participating!

Do I need a team or idea to sign up?
No! We recommend registering with friends, but there will be opportunities to brainstorm with and meet other participants at the hackathon.

How big can teams be?
Up to four people overall!

What if I'm a newbie?
This is going to be our most beginner-friendly event yet. We are going to have workshops both before and during the hackathon in order to get you in a position to be able to work on a project. We are hoping for any student of any major to be able to participate in our hackathon.

What can I win?
Prize categories and prizes will be revealed closer to the hackathon.

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HackBU takes place in the Innovative Technologies Complex at Binghamton University, a group of four buildings home to laboratories, offices, and large events such as opportunities.

You can find a map of our part of the venue in the map below, as well as on the handout you'll get at the event.

The university is generous to let us use this space, so treat it with respect! Please do not wander outside of the lightened area.

Map of Innovative Technologies Complex labeled with several rooms

Here are some guidelines for the rooms:

  • CE-2011 and ES-2008 are the two main hacker rooms. Working and talking in here is permitted all the time.
  • Symposium Hall is one of our event rooms, but you're free to setup and do work here too.
  • BT-2221 is our other event room.
    • Overnight, this turns into a quiet room for anyone who'd like to sleep.
    • After quiet hours, we reclaim this room for staff only.
  • BT-2201 is a designated 24/7 quiet room. This space is set aside for people who need to decompress or need a prayer space. Please refrain from using this as a hacker room.
  • ES-1413 is our internal organizer room, closed off to the public.


These are all of the events we have planned during HackBU 2024. Note that times (minorly) and places may be subject to change; the latest updates will be published to our Discord server.

First Walking Group MeetsUniversity Union Lobby
Doors open, check-in beginsInnovative Technology Complex: Engineering & Science Entrance
Second Walking Group MeetsUniversity Union Lobby
Coffee put outRotunda
Opening CeremonySymposium Hall
Hacking begins!CE-2011, ES-2008, Symposium Hall
Lunch served (called up by groups)Rotunda
Team forming and brainstormingDesignated tables in Rotunda
Snacks put outTable outside of Symposium Hall
Python WorkshopSymposium Hall
Web Development WorkshopBT-2221
Bing Tech Collective Presents: Designing projects for your communitySymposium Hall
Game Development Group Presents: Game design + dev fundamentalsBT-2221
Girls Who Code PresentationSymposium Hall
Keara Hill TalkBT-2221
Dinner served (called up by groups)Rotunda
Cooking with Allen in AbletonSymposium Hall
Game Break SessionSymposium Hall
Midnight Snack BananzaRotunda
BT-2221 Quiet Hours beginBT-2221
Early morning cartoons with ChrisSymposium Hall
Breakfast + coffee servedRotunda
BT-2221 Quiet Hours endBT-2221 (staff only after this point)
Hacking ends!Everywhere!
Lunch served (called up by groups)Rotunda
T-shirts handed outTable outside of Symposium Hal
All teams report for demosRotunda
Round 1 of judging beginsRotunda
Round 2 of judging beginsRotunda
Slideshow KaraokeSymposium Hall
Closing CeremonySymposium Hall