We just redesigned our resources page to help you learn at your own pace.

Let's Code!

HackBU exists to foster a community of individuals who solve problems through the innovative use of technology. We host weekly web development workshops, organize trips to hackathons, and will host our own 24-hour hackathon.

Join us.

What are these workshops?

We're hosting weekly workshops every Thursday night on campus to teach web development. You'll learn at your own pace and we'll provide the resources to help you do it.

What's a hackathon?

An event where "hackers" come together in teams with the intention of creating the best type of program (i.e. web app, iPhone app, etc) or hardware within a certain period of time. Most hackathons last between 24-48 hours and are full of caffeine, food, prizes, and little sleep.

We'll be organzing transportation to a few hackathons so join our mailing list to learn more.

Is experience necessary?

Not at all! Over 2/3 of HackBU members have no programming experience.

We recommend attending our weekly workshops, but also take a look at our resources page and join our mailing list. We're happy to help and will be holding "office hours" every week!

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email (hello@hackbu.org), ask us on Facebook, or reach out on Twitter.