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Recommended Resources

Brush up on skills or learn at your own pace with the resources below.

Top Resources

  • Codecademy — Intro Web Design (HTML/CSS), JavaScript, Python
    Free, interactive online mini-courses in popular languages. Excellent starting point for learning from scratch!
  • HackerRank — Coding/Logic Skills, Interview preparation
    Know the basics? Challenges rated by difficulty/category with automatic test cases - perfect for preparing for interviews, flexing your logic and algorithmic skills!
  • Project Euler — Math problems in any language
    Mathematics-based problems requiring algorithmic solutions. Good way to push yourself for the mathematically inclined!

I Don't Know What to Make!

Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Learning HTML and CSS is the first step towards creating websites:

JavaScript is the language that makes websites interactive:

iOS App Development

Make apps for iPhone and iPad with Swift

Android App Development

Make apps for Android devices in Java

Virtual Reality Development

Git Version Control

Git is a system to keep track of your code - it's used by GitHub!

  • Try Git — learn how to use the popular source control program

Paid Resources

  • TreeHouse ($9/month with student discount; 14-day free trial) — videos of HTML, CSS, iOS and Android development, and more
  • Code School ($19/month with student discount; many free courses) — interactive coding challenges, video lessons, and screencasts

News and Other Resources

Common sources we use to keep up to date and learn about what's new