HackBU 2024 registrations are now open!

HackBU 2024 is almost here!

Hi all! HackBU 2024 is on Saturday, so let’s talk details about the event :)

Late Registration

Regular Registration ended earlier this week, but we are still happy to take late registrations! We will also be able to accomodate walk-on registrations. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend registering - it doesn’t hurt to save a seat, and showing up to the hackathon will be well worth your time.

Schedule and Location

The schedule for the hackathon has been published at https://hackbu.org/2024/schedule. Any last-minute changes (i.e. due to delays on the day-of) will be published to our Discord server. All participants, judges, and sponsors should join the Discord server to stay up-to-date.

The event locations given on that schedule are all rooms within the Innovative Technology Complex (ITC). Here’s the map for this year:

ITC Map Preview

Notice how check-in is in a different spot this time. To enter HackBU, you must go through the main entrance of the Engineering & Science building:

Check-in Picture

Check-in Map


I’ll cut to the chase: no OCCT shuttle this year. But, don’t worry! We are doing everything we can to make sure that you have options to get to the hackathon.

Firstly, we will be having a walking group at 11:00AM and 11:30AM on Saturday that start in the lobby of the University Union, and end at the ITC. It’s a 20 minute walk through campus, but it goes by quickly. And, remember, this used to be the only way to get to HackBU without a car :^)

Secondly, we are allocating a $1k+ travel fund for anyone who needs to use Uber or Lyft to get to the event. You can check out our reimbursement form to see the terms!

Other Stuff

The Devpost is now up! The theme for the hackathon is “Hack Tomorrow”, and we have the following prize categories:

We hope to see you at the hackathon! If there are any further questions, ping me on Discord or shoot us an email at hello@hackbu.org :)